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Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

It took a long time until Michael Ende's epic children's novel "Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver", got made into a feature film. After the beloved Augsburger Puppenkiste version from the 60's, it took another six decades until Christian Becker from Ratpack Film took it on together with Dennis Ganzel and Warner Brothers Germany. The Visual Effects for the film got divided between five german VFX houses: Trixter, Rise, Scanline , Chimney , and Mackevision

Jim Button is one of my most celebrated children's books. 

I got the chance to work on the project at Mackevision where Juri Stanossek had assembled a team​ to bring the Kingdom of Mandala to life. My contribution where all kinds of vegetation for the city (00:10), the palace garden (01:07) and a magical Bonsai that grows origami birds. (00:30)  It was a lot of fun to work on the project and I'm very happy with the finished sequence. 



Script: Dirk Ahner, Andrew Birkin. Nach der Novelle von Michael Ende

Director: Dennis Gansel

Camera: Torsten Breuer

Production Design: Matthias Müsse

Music: Ralf Wengenmayr

Sound: Dirk ‚Teo‘ Schäfer

Costumes: Ute Paffendorf

Editing: Ueli Christen

VFX Supervisor: Frank Schlegel

VFX: Scanline, Mackevision, Trixter, Rise FX, Chimney

Production: Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH

Co-production: Malao Film Inc., Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH

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